Mass Effect 3 Extended Cuts are Still Way Off (Spoiler)

(Note:  I wrote a brilliant, scathing post earlier about this subject today.  Probably the best thing anyone has ever written in the history of time…ever.  Not exaggerating.  But it didn’t save.  So here’s my quick version of it.)

Quick Version:

I’ve been a fan of Mass Effect for a long time.  Mass Effect 2:  one of my favorite games ever.  Perfect combination of story and gameplay.  Got Mass Effect 3, hated the ending like most everyone else.  Gripes with it outlined fairly well in this video:

Can’t stand the narrator’s delivery.  Just terrible.

Thought it was great that Bioware would update the ending to satisfy fans.  They didn’t have to.  Decided to watch endings instead of playing game again, to save aggravation.  Good idea not to – endings weren’t worth it.

Who asked for a cliché/circuitous speech essentially reciting final screen from Hackett/SuperShepard/EDI?  I didn’t hear that anywhere.  Same problem still occurs:  all endings are basically the same except for shiny new green eyes in Synthesis stills.

Bottom line:  creators didn’t address the major issues fans had with the endings, especially the problem of negating the value of the choices we have made throughout the games.  Now, instead of making absolutely no difference, our choices may have managed to decide which still shots are used at the end of the game.  Worthless additions.

Breath at the end of Destruction ending means as little as it did before.  Bioware would’ve been better off scrapping it altogether.

Also:  new refusal option added is basically a big “Fuck You” from Bioware to fans.

At least they kept this at the end of each ending though.

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