Sometimes My Words Get All Blocked Up In My Head

And they don’t come out no good.  

I wish sometimes I could just get out of my own way and say what I want to say clearly.  Like, with this post for example.  I have started and stopped so many times already; like, three times.  I don’t know can’t understand why I can’t just say what I want to say immediately as I type sometimes.

It always seems to result in my seems to end up making me feel is hard to

I find that when this happens, it makes me seem less intelligent that than I am could be.  For example, my last post on this blog, I tried to make a couple distinct points

It is important to speak clearly when introducing and explaining a point of view, but I can never do that the way I wish.  Perhaps I’m too distracted when I type, or my attention span is too short immature to follow a thought through a paragraph.  Or even a sentence.  Maybe I just need to pre-write a lot more.  I always do my fair share of editing.

If it’s I don’t This is not the same case

Hold on.  I had to go back to the top to read this to figure out what I am trying to say.  I guess I’m trying to say I need to work on my writing more.  I need to lay out my ideas as clearly as possible, without excess, without distraction.  I need to make my point, support it, and conclude.  This

Hell, this isn’t even easy for me to do (follow a single thought) when I talk.  And I don’t feel I’m making a dramatic, unique statement here.  We all have trouble focusing on a particular thought when we talk, or type, when we go through it the first time.  Or when we’re trying to tell someone the truth, without the whole truth.

Or when we’re trying to explain how we really feel, without hurting someone we like.

I don’t think It’s like every time I type, when I start to type, it’s a massacre.  But I’ll keep doing it.

In my corner of the internet.


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One Response to Sometimes My Words Get All Blocked Up In My Head

  1. jdhoward says:

    Whew, I’m not alone. I have the same problem. I dare not publish anything without editing. But I do that when I talk, too. I edit what I say before I say it. Unless you catch me off guard, then I can come across very clear.

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