Assumption Gumption, What’s Your Function?

It is far too late to write. But I feel the time is right.

How foolish do you feel when someone calls you out for the assumptive things you say? When someone “calls you out on your shit?”

I feel that burn, the red cheeks, etc., even if it has not yet stopped me from continuing to answer questions I know I do not know the answers to.

I should realize that somewhere, someone is listening to what I say and taking it as fact, and I should be more careful to know what I’m saying is right before I say it.

And yet I say things like “Von Miller is Shawne Merriman 2.0” before I knew what substance he abused that will cause him to miss the first month of the NFL season.

I was called on it (by the worst assumer I know) and I apologized. But then I thought that this was the first time we had spoken in years, and if this is what it took…

…also I’m depressed at how much poetry I have forgotten, or pushed back in the furthest channels of my brain. I’m going to read more poems, enter some contests, and get back to you in a bit.

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