How Many Friends Removed From Facebook is Too Many…

– One note from my previous post that I forgot to add:  if you have a mission statement for your business that is supposed to be self-explanatory in one sentence, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT THREE WORDS AND SPEND 15 MINUTES (and many more sentences) EXPLAINING WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO MEAN.

Ok.  Glad I got that out of my system.

I have a couple questions about “social media”:

1)  When is it alright to remove family from your social networking?  Can you remove them for either invasion of privacy, invasion of sanity, or both?

2)  How many friends can I delete on my Facebook before I am finally able to look at that news feed without pulling what little hair is left on my head out?

3)  How many people are tired of explanations regarding the nature of this generation of people beginning with some combination of the words “Facebook” and “Twitter”?

I used to have over 300 friends on Facebook.  What a great brag…I was so popular.  Somewhere around 3 years ago, I realized I didn’t know any of these people, and couldn’t stand what I was seeing come up on my feed whenever I opened up this damn thing.  So I began a systematic cleansing of my friends list.  Some people have re-“friended” me over time, and I have given them second chances to avoid wasting time only to see them squander those chances and force me to get rid of them again.  Others (most of them) certainly never knew I ever deleted them, much less was friends with them.

I have a (second) cousin on this website that constantly puts up pictures and opinions that contain viewpoints that fly in the face of fact and sanity.  I just saw a picture that said something like (paraphrasing) “tell the politicians who support outlawing guns to have their bodyguards protect them with this” and there’s a picture of a slingshot.  Now.  I don’t care much about gun control – I would say I am in favor of outlawing them, but that will never happen so fuck it.  Come up with whatever bullshit rationale you need to defend conceal-and-carry and all that ridiculousness…

…but.  Really:  if guns were outlawed (meaning not legal, meaning no one would have one) then a slingshot might work pretty well against an UNARMED PERSON.  What a silly stupid picture.

I have de-friended him before, but he kinda called me out on it.  I had to re-friend him.  I guess that’s where question one comes into play.

Question two is more about the purpose of Facebook I suppose, at least for me anyway.  I feel like I’m outgrowing its usefulness.  I’m not in high school, I’m not (currently) in college.  I have a small handful of people in my life I care about, and that’s it.  The only thing I use Facebook for is sharing YouTube videos on their walls.

So when I go on there to post something or to see if they’ve done the same, I see something stupid like what my (second) cousin posted.  I used to see a lot more, hence the removal of all those friends I had.

God I was so popular once.

But now it only takes one person for me to close the damn thing.  I can’t delete everyone, or else I’d only have like 15 people on that, and that would just be embarrassing.

And I thought I’d use twitter to receive updates about stuff I cared about, but I never look at it, so it’s useless to me.

Follow my handle at @MadeforEpigrams.  Hahahaha.


Come up with a better answer!

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