Why Do You Hate Obama?

I’m about to go to sleep soon.  I have to wake up at 5 to go be terrible at golf.  Before I do that though, I want to go pander to some bloggers.

I didn’t become heated about this just a few minutes ago, but I was thinking about this today, and it is something I have been thinking about for a while.  I’d say about six years.  

And, since this is my blog, and I write about things I think about, I can write about this.

At the place I work, there is a nice older lady who comes in a couple days a week to help us out with various menial labor.  I have never had a problem with her, and she has always been very outgoing and kind to me.  I helped her granddaughter out by buying Girl Scout cookies from her.

There is one standing, well-known rule we have when the other guys I work with and I are around her:  don’t mention Obama.  She hates Obama.

You don’t even have to be a supporter of Obama, or an Obama fan.  I just wonder the same thing we all wonder when someone comes out and says they hate him:  why?

Why do you hate Barack Obama?

Perhaps it’s because he wants to take all your guns away.  Perhaps it’s because he hasn’t created enough jobs.  Perhaps he hasn’t fulfilled all the promises he made when he was campaigning.  Perhaps it’s Obamacare.  

Perhaps there are a lot of other half-baked insane ideas a person can come up with to disguise their anger towards a person that they can’t really explain.  Perhaps you just don’t like the guy.  

It doesn’t bother me whether or not you like or hate the guy – no president has ever been impeached because one person doesn’t like them.  What does bother me is unfounded rage.

I swear I’m not being naive here.  I know what the truth is behind the anger, and that bothers me too.  It scares me to think people like Cliven Bundy get to vote.  It scares me to think 25% of americans believe the sun revolves around the earth, and they get to vote.  It scares me to think some people believe Ukraine is in Iowa, and they have a vote.

It scares me to think that misinformed people believe in misinformed ideas, and they can decide the direction of our nation.

Let’s say Barack Obama actually wanted to take away everyone’s guns (he doesn’t).  Hypothetically, how would he be able to actually pull that off?  Let’s not even get into the notion of whether or not we would be safer against each other and our own government if we didn’t have our guns.  Let’s just stick with the idea of one man, in a government chock full of checks and balances, being able to do whatever he wanted and getting away with it.  It’s not possible…right?

So, guns aren’t going away; nothing will change that (sorry).  Let’s continue with that whole checks and balances thing.  Checks and balances gone awry in our country.  We are so checked and balanced, we cannot get anything done.  Especially in our government.  Without getting long-winded about this partisanship thing, and how to change it or make it different (read: “better”), we all can agree we’re kinda fucked here.  

Did anyone actually think Obama was going to be able to fulfill any of his promises when he first ran for election in 2008?  I mean, I know it’s a dumb question, but honestly.  I certainly didn’t.  I mean, I hoped, but I knew better.  There was no way he would be able to contend with the giant steam engine that is our terrible government.  That didn’t stop me from voting for him.  I appreciated his energy and his belief in trying to make this country better by any means.  

Note – I even liked McCain back then too; before he sold his soul for the Republican nomination I mean.  Would he have been able to make change happen?  Would Mitt have changed the country?  At all??

And how would one man be able to create jobs out of thin air.  Certainly not by lowering taxes on business owners – that would not allow them to hire more people.  Why would they.  I’m trying to talk simply here:  deregulation or tax cuts would not prevent outsourcing or any other form of exploitation (clearly it would have the opposite effect).  Again, simply:  we gotta have some industry to have work to have jobs.  We cannot just create jobs out of thin air.

I just ripped up some paper and threw it on the ground.  You pick it up.  I have created a job for you.  That is one job.  Add it to the imaginary “job creation” tally.

I’m really resisting getting technical here because I want to wrap up before I go to bed and wake up in five hours.  We have no new industry.  We have no new jobs.  We cannot create jobs where none exist.  We have to rebuild this country before we gain dollars and cents.  But that is ridiculous talk.

And obamacare:  I pay more now for healthcare.  Oh no.  But you know what?  My stepmom and dad pay less.  And my dad has to go to the hospital to have his heart checked out this week.  I’m glad to make the sacrifice of a few dollars and cents on my end so the people who really need it can afford it.

It was a simple idea from the beginning:  everyone should be entitled to healthcare.  I know, an awful idea.  We all knew that idea would become twisted and perverted before it ever could come to fruition.  Healthcare companies, lobbyists, people with deep pockets unable to bear seeing those pockets lightened even by a few pennies.  

Everyone should be entitled to healthcare.  It couldn’t be that simple.  No change in this country ever can be.  It will never be simple again.  


So why do you hate Barack Obama?

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