Then Madison Bumgarner Happened…and Never Again

Holy cow Madison Bumgarner.

I haven’t written anything on here in a bit, but you forced me to.

I knew what I was watching was singular, but I didn’t know what we were all getting into until they started flashing statistics on the screen about your performance during this World Series.

Statistics about how what you were doing hadn’t been done since 1914.


I was born in 1986.  The last time the Kansas City Royals went to the playoffs was in 1985.  So THAT was something I had never seen before.

What you did, Madison, was something no one had ever seen before.  And, according to those statistics, something none of us – none of us – will ever see again.

Ever see again in our lives.  That’s a phrase that, though we could use countless different ways in every day of our lives and still have it ring true, cannot ever ring true in such a universal fashion, or on such a grand scale.

What we all witnessed, and what you did these past few days, was something that will never happen again in our lives.  That is one of the most dramatic phrases something could ever be described as, yet gets used all too often like other canceled-out buzzwords:

“Impossible.” “Amazing.” “Awesome.”

This performance was the true definition of “Once-in-a-lifetime.”  And it will not be repeated for any of us to see.

I’m glad I watched most of this World Series, and was able to take some small part in it.  Your performance will be cheapened in the coming days and weeks.  Weeks and months.  Months and years.  Others, performances and people in the future will be cast under its shadow.  Even you will be.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we need to have our attentions captured, and thus must always search for another Madison Bumgarner 2014 World Series, there will not be one.

There are other things in our lives that we have to go out and find now that we can truly call “Once-in-a-lifetime,” and understand what we mean when we say that.

Thank you Madison, for re-establishing what that really means.

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