I’d Like to Shout Into the Wind for a Second.

I can’t put this on the social media.  Because my significant other has advised me that, if I do, there will be repercussions.  The likes of which would be unnecessary, considering the people I would be engaging.  Stupid family members and such.

In France, 129 people were killed.  Terrorist attacks in the most random and terrifying way imaginable.  In the U.S., the legality of gay marriage was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.  In both instances, I saw people on Facebook drape a translucent flag coinciding with each event over an old profile picture.  Signifying unity I suppose.

One moment was momentous, joyous.  The other impossibly tragic.  I CAN’T ITERATE HOW MUCH IT BOTHERS ME TO SEE PEOPLE DRAPE A SEE-THROUGH FLAG OF FRANCE OVER A PICTURE FROM THEIR PROFILE 5 YEARS AGO.  And we call it unity, or empathy.

It’s nothing but laziness.  It’s apathy really, not empathy.  I haven’t done it; I haven’t done anything either.  But that is only a self-gratifying gesture.  Some fucking body else shared a picture tallying the death toll of November 13th.  Claiming 150,000+ lives were taken.  Breaths were lost.

There was, literally, no reason to do this.  No reason to come up with the number of lost lives from the tragedy on that day.  I suppose we could do that for every day.  I think they missed a lot of lives from civil wars, illness, famine, common murder, age, accident, and evils we couldn’t account for.

Self-gratification is nothing ever.  But now it is always available.  One quick share, edit, snap, click, and pic away.  And I don’t know where to go to get away from it.  I can place myself in the moment of those attacks or standing above the ground when it splits.  I can cry for those people we lost.  I can donate money.  To whom or what I don’t know.  It’s a really easy click to make.

But I can’t help them.  I have one short life and I have to live it.  They would feel the same way about me.  I cry for them because I put myself with them, and I am terrified.  But I will NEVER STAND ON THEIR GRAVES AND GRATIFY MYSELF WITH A FALSE DISPLAY OF EMPATHY OR AFFECTION.

I hate these people I see on my Facebook.  On whatever I see them.  I just can’t tell them that, and I can’t get away from them.  So I have to yell here.

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