Old Crank

I’m gonna make this quick.  I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Master of None season 2.  Ashley watches the show.  She enjoys it.  I don’t like it.  I don’t think the dialogue is written particularly well.  It feels very much like dialogue that was written down and never actually spoken aloud before it went in front of the camera.  There’s no natural flow to it.

The characters seem to not have known each other before any of the scenes they’re in.  The acting doesn’t feel natural.  It’s like everyone’s just waiting for everyone else to stop talking so they can say their line as soon as possible.

For a show that relies on that feeling of intimacy in order to feel a connection with the characters, the intimacy of individuality, they don’t seem to have spent much time trying to cultivate that.  Observations about the world we live in are laid out bare, unnaturally.  Maybe it’s just because I haven’t watched a lot of the show.

I just don’t find the charm in the characters.  They all feel like robots to me.  Mouthpieces for one-dimensional observations about the world.  I didn’t hear any observations that changed my outlook either.  That’s the only thing I look for now.

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